Graphic Design

Visual design is a key element of a website because it is what the visitor sees first: the first impression is decisive.

It defines the structure, positioning, and of course the visual identity of your business. We work with several experienced graphic designers internally and externally to provide you the best service at an affordable price.

Our Method​

We start by listening.  A scoping meeting will allow us to define all the colors and ideas you wish to convey visually. We then propose several possible options, once the structure is defined, we will design several variations around this concept until the final web design is achieved.

The design team of AVASTEN is here to guide you in your choice of identity, according to your requirements and expectations.


The design plan refers to the set of visuals used by classifying them by theme, specifying their meaning and making a list of concepts related to it.​

The graphical charter covers: 
- Logo: its color, shape, position on the page, its variations on white backgrounds and colors, resizing ...
- Zoning, ie the arrangement of elements on the page, position and shape of the menu bar, text, images, ...
- The fonts used - set of declinable colors on different communication media.
- The use of graphical elements such as watermarks, logo enlarged detail, curves and features specific to the company.

After several years of experience, we have developed our own tools to perform fast and efficient SEO for your website. The satisfaction of our customers is well established, and is our only goal.​